Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank You President Obama for Speaking Out on Racial Profiling!

I was really thrilled to hear President Barack Obama speak out on the arrest of Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr., which happened here in Cambridge, MA recently. The President made his comments during a nationally televised press conference.

“There’s a long history in this country of African-Americans being stopped disproportionately by the police,” President Obama said. “It’s a sign of how race remains a factor in this society.”

I want to thank Pres. Obama, for speaking out against racial profiling in the USA. It does exist, even though many white people want to pretend it doesn't exist. They say, Get Over It! We'll "Get Over It" when whites start treating us as equal human beings! Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh. It's difficult for someone who has not experienced racism to know how a victimized person feels. Even President Obama has said that he had trouble hailing a cab in some cities, this when he was a Senator! He knows what racism is.

I have seen incidents racism here in Cambridge, the home of MIT & Harvard. It's disgusting and this city is supposed to be so liberal. If you are black do not walk around without your ID! Be warned! Can't even go to the corner store without it! The Klan exists in Cambridge as well, they just don't wear sheets!

Prof. Gates was lured out of his house and arrested after proving that he was the home owner of the residence where someone had called in a B & E. (Breaking and Entering). But wait, it get's even more interesting, a white woman, Lucia Whalen (40) called police saying that two black men with backpacks were breaking into the house on posh Ware St. Turns out they had suits, luggage, and a Town Car was parked out front. But hey, in a bigot's eyes any black person must be up to no good.

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Meanwhile, once again I want to thank our President for admitting that racial profiling is still an issue in our nation, even though we have a black president. And yes, racism is alive and well in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Anonymous said...

President Obama chooses to work on problems at home, instead of invade another country. It is at home that we need some work. Thanks!