Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Charges Dropped Against Prof. Gates

Prof. Gates Being Arrested at his house last Thurday



Harvard’s Gates Disorderly Charge to be Dropped by Police

By Kurt Heine

July 21 (Bloomberg) -- Henry Louis Gates Jr., Harvard University’s top expert on black history annd culture, won’t be prosecuted on a disorderly conduct charge that resulted from a confrontation with police on his front porch.

Gates’s lawyer, police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the Middlesex County district attorney agreed the July 16 arrest was “regrettable and unfortunate,” according to a joint statement sent today in an e-mail.


Anonymous said...

The "passerby" who phoned the police is actually the Manager of Circulation and Fundraising for Harvard Magazine [the official alumni publication], which also has its offices on the street where Professor Gates lives. Harvard Magazine has often published articles, with pictures, about Professor Gates.

Maybe they'll soon be looking for a new Manager of Circulation and Fundraising.

Anonymous said...

Racism! Alive and well and living on Planet America.
It is ironic that the Cambridge Police Department, rushed to the scene of a supposed break in, and while investigating this ‘alleged’ crime, having been shown identification that Professor Gates was the lawful owner of the residence, still arrested him.
This is indicative of an inherent racism and nothing less can explain the matter. Professor Gates is well known in the community, and the country having been seen on television and heard on radio hundreds, if not thousands of times in his academic career.
I am appalled at the lack of sensitivity and respect shown a man of Professor Gates’ stature. He has certainly earned my respect and admiration, not only for his outspokenness, but his scholarship and advocacy in the community, for people of color and his identification with the common man.
Surely this incident could have and should have been resolved without the arrest of Professor Gates. Yet this person, a supervisor, or rather a stupidvisor, showed such a lack of intelligence that he arrested a professor of Harvard University in his own home.
It is high time that we, the people in America face up to the fact that racism, is not a thing of the past and that as a nation, we are not progressing as
far as we should have towards the dreams and aspirations of such men as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.