Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Review of the film, TUSAMEHE

Tusamehe in Swahili means ‘forgive us’. After seeing Tusamehe it’s clear that people need forgiveness for many things. This film is not only a tale of morals and awareness but takes an interesting look at the AIDS crisis. Viewers will see that not only is HIV/AIDS a problem in Africa but amongst African immigrants in the USA as well. The film is a slap in the face wake up call to viewers that HIV/AIDS is real and it does not discriminate.

Bilantanya Moses Bakeyemba (played by Fundi Kibwana) is an immigrant from Bongoland (no secret it’s Tanzania) living the American Dream in Minnesota. He has a successful, well paying job, owns a house and two cars and is married to a beautiful woman, Salome, (played by Blandina Donald) from his homeland. We find out that before he got married he had an American girlfriend (played by KariAnn Craig), who is jealous of his marriage to the “African Queen”. She does everything she can to rekindle the relationship and Bilantanya soon falls. Salome finds out and chaos ensues.

But, life goes on for the married couple and Salome tells Bilantanya that she is pregnant. He is even happier when he finds out that the child is a boy. Joy turns to grief when after a pre-natal check-up Salome finds out that she is HIV positive and the baby is at risk of being sick as well. Bilantanya soon falls desperately ill.

Knowing that he is dying, Bilantanya begs for forgiveness from God and at the same time prays to live long enough to see his son. While this is going on a Pharmaceutical Boss seeks religious counseling after he becomes overridden with guilt for not supplying cheaper drugs to Africa and doing more to help the AIDS crisis. Just when you think nothing worse can happen to the couple, Bilantanya dies and that’s not the end of the story.The film has sad and funny moments but the ending of it is very climatic. Another love Triangle is unveiled as we find that Bilantanya’s best friend, Kipara (Robert Kataraia) and Yuni (Emma Kasiga) had an affair but you have to see the film to find out who Kipara slept with!

The cleverly crafted plot takes interesting turns as we find out that no one is really who they seem to be, not even the Pastor (played by Peter Omari). Many Tanzanians will feel that they are looking in the mirror as Kibira captures the negative culture of gossiping, promiscuity, drinking, and risk taking. Hopefully viewers will take a look at themselves and change their ways or realize the effects of their actions.Director, Screenwriter and Producer, Josiah Kibira used actors from Tanzania based in Minnesota for this film, along with a pool of Minnesota actors. They all do an excellent job. Christina Sedlacek also gives a touching performance as a caring visiting nurse and check out my emotional breakdown as Mama Kurusumu.

Tusamehe is Kibira’s second feature film, the first was Bongoland. Both were filmed in Minnesota. The casting in Tusamehe is excellent, and the credit goes to Onesmo Kibira who also played Dennis in the film. Watch for a cameo by Josiah Kibira in the film as well.Congratulations to all who took part in the making of this film. It will be talked about for years to come.




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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In the Holding area with actors (Megan left and Suzy H right) Look for Suzy H in the films Glory and To Gillian on her 37th Birthday.
My First Commercial

There's always a first for everything. Well, earlier this month I did work in my first commercial. I was hired as a background performer for a TD Banknorth commercial. Hey you have to start somewhere. I'm pretty confident that one day I will be a principal performer. The strange thing was that I almost did not apply for the commercial. I mean I had been turned down so many times before, I said why would this be different. Boston Casting had sent out an e-mail seeking different types of performers. I ignored it, then I happened to look at it again the deadline to apply was 6:00pm that same day. I said what the heck! At 7:00pm I got a call that I got it!. I was jumping for joy! You'd think I hit the lottery.

Anyway in the commerical, I am a nurse. Here I am in my costume...brand new scrubs and light purple clogs! Too bad I didn't get a full photo taken. There were about six other background perfomers some dressed as Doctors and orderlies and patients. The lead actress was flown in from the Big Apple, New York City.

In brief they shot the scene at Symmes Hosptal in Arlington, Massachusetts. This is an abandoned hospital which I heard will be trond down soon to make way for luxury condos. So there was no electricity or running water. They brought in generators and trailers. Bathrooms were on the trailers, not bad. It was a cold day, but we were allowed to stay warm in one of the trailers. They spared no expense on this shoot, it was like a Hollywood film set. What an experience.

Hopefully, I won't get cut out of the final product and get to see myself walking around in the background! And hopefully I'll get more chances to be in commericals and films.