Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Acting in Tusamehe

Well, after I saw the film Bongoland (filmed mainly in Minnesota), I e-mailed Director Josiah Kibira and told him that I was interested in participating in his next project. I soon found out that the next film would be about AIDS in the Tanzanian/African community. Josiah asked for my talent credentials and I e-mailed Josiah a link with my talent info, and got offered the part of Mama Kurusumu. The part is small but hopefully when you see me I will leave an impressionon you. I flew out to Minneosta twice, it was supposed to be three times, but they decided to omit a scene. This project is dear to my heart because of the theme. I like all Tanzanians have lost family and friends to AIDS.

As an experienced actress I have to admit that I was highly impressed at the quality of acting that I saw from the Tanzanian actors. For most it was their first time acting but seeing them you wouldn’t know! Kudos to Fundi Kibwana who plays the main Character, Bilantanya and Blandina Donald who plays his wife, Salome. What tough roles for first timers. By the way is was Blandina who graciously hosted me in Minnesota!

Check out more on TUSAMEHE at http://www.kibirafilms.com/tusamehe

Kudos to Josiah Kibira for pulling off something which many might have said was impossible!