Monday, August 14, 2006

Warriors: Spiritually Engaged
The Making of Maangamizi – The Ancient One

What does it take to make a movie in Africa? I guess most people would say cast, crew, equipment, money, patience and tolerance. It also takes resourcefulness, creativity and the blessings of the ancestors.

In 1994 a film crew from Los Angeles set out to make a film in Tanzania, East Africa with minimal budget. Little did they know it would take six years before the film would be completed. Maangamizi the Ancient One has an interesting history behind it. Maangamizi’s screenplay writer and producer, Queenae Taylor Mulvihill has written a book about the Maangamizi experience.

I have to say it’s been a while since I enjoyed reading a book. This past weekend I was fascinated with ‘Warriors: Spiritually Engaged, The Making of Maangamizi-The Ancient One. In fact the book was so good that I skipped TV watching and other household chores just to concentrate on finishing the book.

Maybe it’s because I took part in the film or the fact that I personally know or have met many of the people mentioned in the book. But, I think anyone would be intrigued by the behind the scenes drama that spanned three continents…Africa, North America and Australia. Queenae talks candidly about incidents in her life and an awakening process that happened because of her involvement with the film. She talks about culture shock, love, adultery, death, friendship, disappointment and more. Most importantly she talks of the hold that the film took on all involved.

Maangamizi the Ancient One was Tanzania’s official selection to the 74th Academy Awards in 2002, in the Foreign Language Category. It did not make the top five. But this was a major achievement as it was Tanzania’s first ever submission for the prestigious award.
Maangamizi has been screened at over 20 film festivals around the world and has been shown on every continent. It's won many awards, yet little is know about it in the USA.

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