Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Racist Cop in Boston

Officer Justin Barrett (Photo from

Racism in Boston, what’s new? Today we are hearing that a Boston police officer Justin Barrett (36) is about to be fired for writing and sending a mass e-mail which had racially charged language. In the e-mail Barrett is alleged to have called Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. a “banana eating jungle monkey”! On top of that Barrett says that he would not have tolerated Prof. Gates behavior and would have sprayed him in the face with pepper spray! Barrett has been suspended by the Boston police and will probably be fired. He's also been suspended by the National Guard.

Lord help us black folks! A black person dare not speak back to a white cop for fear of getting beat up, pepper sprayed, shot, even shot in the back! When I say that racism is alive and well, a lot of white folks laugh, shrug it off. The truth of the matter is, they really don’t want to admit that the racism still exists in America today.

Wake up! The sooner we all admit and agree that there is still a racial problem in America, the sooner we can resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, attention all black folks…continue to remember the lessons your Momma taught you. Never talk back to a white cop if you want to live!

You can read more about the Justin Barrett issue at the following links:


Anonymous said...

Hello! Where are the posts defending Barret and saying black folks are overly sensitive to race matters? This guy gives police a bad name!

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Barrett just expressed out loud what so many Republicans feel. I believe he has been emboldened by recent public statements by Republican pundits and lawmakers. Glenn Beck expresses his own racism by calling President Obama a racist and hater of white people. Limbaugh does it, referring to President Obama as an Oreo. Republican lawmakers express theirs by openly challenging Judge Sotomayor that she would have the audacity to say that her judgement may at times be better than that of a White male; How dare she! Right? I say, Hallelujah! The true colors of the Republican party are coming to light! Let them bellow from the mountain tops, and spew forth their racist, hate-filled messages. The louder they scream, the sooner their party will go the way of the Ku Klux Klan, reduced to fringe lunatics with nothing valuable to contribute to a civilized society, and suspect by all decent people. My message to Republicans: Cling to your Bachmanns and DeMints; put your faith in the Lambaughs and Hannitys of this world to guide you to enlightment.
I believe that Americans (the decent ones, that is) are sick of it; sick of the bigotry and the harm that this kind has done to our country. With President Obama's election, America has set a new course toward diversity and acceptance. It is happeniing and will continue to happen in spite of the Republicans and the Justin Barretts.