Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Will Raise My Hand - Poem

I Will Raise My Hand

As I stand near the radio or TV, repeating the words
That some said we as a people would never say
The Oath of Office of the President of the U.S.A.
With each word spoken, a thought of those not here
Will come to mind with visions of struggles and lives lost
Over the centuries, face and places never to be forgotten
My raised hand will be for them too and the words
For those not yet here who will find their place
Maybe a little better in a world where finally, yes finally
We can say not in vain, for change has arrived….

In “my swearing in” as I hope others will also do
as a reminder that our work in rebuilding a country
that out Ancestors built with sweat, blood and tears over years
will be a different work, a work of making decisions that
We long knew we could do. It is now our time
to redirect the Dream and make it a reality as we work
together as one Nation, yes we can, yes we will and yes we must,
I do solemnly swear…

Written by Haywood Fennell, Sr.
January 17th 2009
Boston, MA.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Cassava Leaves

Cassava Leaves are a delicacy in Tanzania, East Africa. Here these men are buying Cassava leaves which they will take home for their wives to prepare for their families. It was goes well with Ugali (stiff corn meal) ! I like it cooked with ground peanuts or milk from a fresh grated coconut! (photo from Jiachie Blog)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Prayer for the Descendants of Harlem Renaissance

A Prayer for the Descendants of the Harlem Renaissance

Oh Mighty GOD, WE turn our hopes to YOU for YOU
Are ALL things good. WE, call upon YOU as our Ancestors did
When THEY were bought to this hemisphere in chains to become slaves
Thought many times WE felt deserted, but YOU turned YOUR face
And heard our cries. From the cotton fields and the tobacco fields
WE came out hoping and praying that FREEDOM would be OURS.

The talents that YOU had loaned us once hidden began to manifest
WE would write, sing, dance, act, but not without struggle. WE know
That when WE struggle together with YOU in our midst that we will achieve
For WE believe. YOU have taken US and placed our talents for others to emulate
Because our talents do not belong to US, but to YOU. The talents were loaned
To build a better world for ALL. WE accept the challenges laid down long ago.

WE shall not give up nor give in. OURS is a mission of honor, to bring to the
World that which will bring about greater understanding that WE too are your
Children, once enslaved, but never slaves, for WE are the Descendants of the
Harlem Renaissance….

Written through GODLY Inspiration by:
Haywood Fennell, Sr.
“A Descendant of the Harlem Renaissance”