Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lucia Whalen Where Are You?

Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. mugshot (Cambridge, MA police)

“There are 1 million black men in the prison system, and on Thursday I became one of them.” ....Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Where is Lucia Whalen hiding? She's the woman who on Thursday, July 16, 2009 around 12:30pm called Cambridge, Massachusetts police to say that, "two large black men with backpacks" were breaking into a house on Ware St. Ware St. is not far from Harvard Square, and anyone living in that vicinity is usually affiliated with Harvard University or very wealthy.

Turns out the person she saw breaking in was esteemed scholar of African American history, Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. trying to get into his own home! Turns out he and his chaffeuer were wearing suits, there were three pieces of luggage on the porch and a Town Car parked outside. Prof. Gates had just returned from a trip to China. Prof. Gates is an older gentleman, small and walks with a cane. As you've heard in the news, Prof. Gates was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after asking Sgt. Jim Crowley to produce ID. The charges were later dropped.

At first I thought the incident happened at night. Turns out it happened in broad daylight. So, from what I can conclude about Ms. Whalen is that she is a BIGOT! Yes, she may have been well intentioned calling in a potential B&E (Breaking & Entering), but her description of the two men was way off. What did she want...the police to shoot the two black men with backpacks? If Prof. Gates was a younger, stronger looking black man he probably would have been shot in his own home! Did she want to be declared a hero for nabbing two black men. Obviously she didn't expect to see black people living in a nice house on Ware St.

Lucia Whalen goes down in history as the woman who showed the world that racism is alive in America today. Lucia Whalen goes down in history as the woman who almost started a race riot, and international incident. She goes down as the woman who led President Obama to be reminded by bigoted white folks that even though he is President he is still an n-word! Thanks to Lucia Whalen, a stellar police sergeant is now labelled, Sgt. Jim Crow, while Prof. gates is labelled Prof. Uppity! Now there's a new saying, "Being home while black!" Yes, it was her actions that started the tsunami of emotion and polarization.

What was Lucia Whalen doing on Ware St. in Cambridge and she lives in Malden, MA? Well, she is the Fundraising and Circulation manager for Harvard magazine which has its offices on the same Ware St....just a few doors down from Prof. Gates home.

Why is she hiding? And what does Harvard magazine have to say about this? They should be ashamed to have someone who does not know Prof. Gates on their staff. The magazine has done many articles on him and his work. He is one of the prides of Harvard University.
I would ask Harvard magazine to make Lucia Whalen watch films like ROOTS, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, & Prof. Gates PBS series on African American history. She needs to be sensitized that black people are human beings too!

Come out from hiding Lucia Whalen and explain your side!


Anonymous said...

Any time there's a big controversial police incident, regardless of what the controversy, the 911 call is always played endlessly in the media.

Where the hell is the audio from the Gates 911 call?

Why the hell isn't it being played endlessly?

Reporting a suspected crime is a public act and is a matter of the public record.

Why haven't they named the caller?

What is the Cambridge Police Department hiding?

Was there even really a 911 call, or is that a lie made up by Crowley and being backed up by the Cambridge Police Department?

Build-Der-Bear said...

Wot is your deal? The lady saw a house being broken into and called the cops!

Gates wouldn't have been arrested if he had only cooperated with the police. Instead, he started accusing the cops of being racists.

And, BTW, 1M black men are in jail cause they decided to break the law, not because America is racist.

Seriously, you are doing other blacks no favor by encouraging this victimolgy. Please cease and desist!

Mumu said...

Why is it that a lot of white people don't want to believe the Prof Gates showed his ID? Why is that after being shown the ID, the officer still wasn't satisfied and called Harvard police? Could it be he didn't believe a black man could possibly live in that nice house? The arrest was a sheer power play, if it wasn't racism.

Build-Der-Bear said...

Gate's wasn't arrested for not showing his id, that isn't even disputed by the police.

As I understand it, he had an ID, but it didn't have the address of the house in question.

This is standard police procedure to verify that the people seen breaking into a house actually reside there.

But, and this is from Gate's own mouth, he took offense at this and started accusing the cops of being bigots cause they wanted to verify who he was.

He was arrested for throwing a fit and yelling at the cops. Nothing to do with white or black.

If you don't beleive me, watch a few eps of Cops, you will see white dudes in trailers arrested all time cause they went off on the cops and wouldn't calm down.

I want to point out, also, that Gates had just returned from China.

If he had pulled that attitude there, he actually would have gotten the beating I saw him tell Katie Couric that he was sure the cops were going to give to him.

I mean, the man comes home from a communist police state, where there is no due process and where corruption abounds, and people are frequently arrested and held without any type of real trial for years. and tortured as a matter of routine in prison...

And he tells Katie Couric he was terrified. absolutely terrified, and that he was scared of what the cops would do to him when he got to jail.....

Maybe he was just having a bad day, we all have them, but to turn this into some sort of issue for whites to learn the error of their ways is ridiculous.