Monday, July 27, 2009

Gatesgate 911 Tapes

Well, finally Cambridge officials have released the 911 tapes that Lucia Whalen made to Cambridge police on July 16, 2009. That's the call which started a racial tsunami of emotions in the US and around the world as world reknowned scholar Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested in his own home for disorderly conduct.

Turns out, Ms. Whalen never said that she saw two black men with backpacks. She saw two men with suitcases and she wasn;t sure if they lived in the house or not. After being questioned by the dispatcher, she says that they were bother 'larger' and one looked 'hispanic'.

But, Sgt. Crowley says in his report clearly, 'two black men with backpacks'. So where did he get that from or was it just his assumption that all people breaking into houses are black?

I am seriously laughing at Ms. Whalen's claim through her attorney that she is olive skinned and of Portuguese decent. Portugal is in Europe and its people are classified as 'caucausian'.

Am waiting to hear the ones with Sgt. Crowley and Prof. Gates.


Anonymous said...

So if Sgt. Jim Crow's memory is so faulty about this lengthy, detailed description, what are the chances that his description of Gates as "loud and tumultuous" is correct?

If he is not a power tripping cop or a racist, then he is at least eminently unqualified for the role he is playing in the Cambridge department. So far, he has been given the benefit of doubt by the media and even the president. But it is now clear that he screwed up this case and that he likely LIED on his report. He is definitely at fault for more than one reason. The president should revoke his invitation and the Cambridge police should investigate Sgt. Crowley's actions. Put a stop to this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Why are you still attacking Lucia Whalen?
As someone who knows her from the Harvard community, she does in fact look what would typically be called "hispanic" (since that matters to you), she also would've realized it was Dr. Gates had she gotten a good look (as he is a celebrity in the Harvard world) but, as she says on her 911 call, she didn't get a good look! She was walking down the street and was stopped by a neighbor out on the street who was concerned, so she helped out the neighbor by calling.
The more you write such vitriol, the less journalistic credit you have. Which is too bad, because you're clearly intelligent.
I hope no other person is put through the the kind of poisonous slandering Ms. Whalen has been through for helping out a person on the street who IN FACT thought they were helping out a neighbor.

I suppose this is what blogs are for; writing stupid things without having to fact check a bit or really give any thought as to how it affects people. Kudos to you sheep, for acting the wolf.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've apologized to Lucia Whalen, right?

You're no better than the right-wing knuckle draggers.

Jenny Hepburn said...

I've read all your hateful articles you wrote about Lucia. I hope you learned a lesson not to judge a book
by its cover. how dare you make such turmoil for her and her whole family. have you not seen her cry at
her press conference? You are a heartless human being and I've seen some comments people wrote about you,
it hurts doesn't it? This is why racism still exists, its people like you. I'm disgusted with
your false accusations and if you are black, it really offends me. I hope you are satisfied by all your hateful words.
I will pray for you to redeem yourself and come out and blog yourself into an apology for my good friend Lucia.

Ashamed for you,

Anonymous said...

Jenny Hepburn sounds like you habve a serious inferiority complex. You think white folks are better than you. Get a life girlfriend. Hope you sent yor hate 'message' to all the other bloggers and craigslist posters. Lucia Whalen asked for it when she made that call. Too bad she let the cops use her as a scapegoat. Lucia should have come forward sooner.