Monday, January 05, 2009

Prayer for the Descendants of Harlem Renaissance

A Prayer for the Descendants of the Harlem Renaissance

Oh Mighty GOD, WE turn our hopes to YOU for YOU
Are ALL things good. WE, call upon YOU as our Ancestors did
When THEY were bought to this hemisphere in chains to become slaves
Thought many times WE felt deserted, but YOU turned YOUR face
And heard our cries. From the cotton fields and the tobacco fields
WE came out hoping and praying that FREEDOM would be OURS.

The talents that YOU had loaned us once hidden began to manifest
WE would write, sing, dance, act, but not without struggle. WE know
That when WE struggle together with YOU in our midst that we will achieve
For WE believe. YOU have taken US and placed our talents for others to emulate
Because our talents do not belong to US, but to YOU. The talents were loaned
To build a better world for ALL. WE accept the challenges laid down long ago.

WE shall not give up nor give in. OURS is a mission of honor, to bring to the
World that which will bring about greater understanding that WE too are your
Children, once enslaved, but never slaves, for WE are the Descendants of the
Harlem Renaissance….

Written through GODLY Inspiration by:
Haywood Fennell, Sr.
“A Descendant of the Harlem Renaissance”

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