Thursday, December 07, 2006

Aftershock Beyong the Civil War Film

The Documentary film, 'Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War ' will Premiere on the History Channel on Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 8:00PM Eastern. It will be shown again at Midnight (12:00am) on Wednesday December 20th, 2006.

The film is a documentary filmed mainly in Massachusetts. I play a field hand in it. You can find more details about the film on

Aftershock: Beyond The Civil War:
Despite common belief, the Civil War does not end in 1865, and the blood of many Americans continues to flow freely. It is a period known as "Reconstruction." America is supposed to be reuniting and healing its wounds, but what emerges is a picture of murder, terrorism and chaos as "free" black men and women remain enslaved by a South that does not completely surrender. Insurgencies led by ex-Confederate soldiers rip through every southern state. America's first terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan, is formed. Hundreds are butchered in citywide race riots, like the infamous New Orleans Massacre of 1866. Counter-insurgency groups form, like the Lowry Gang, who fights a guerilla-style battle against Confederates and northern carpetbaggers like D.P. Upham, who battles the Klan in Arkansas. All Americans feel the Civil War's aftershocks for years, while some believe its tremors are felt even today.

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