Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Lord works in mysterious ways! When God shuts a door he opens a window! Those are two sayings that I take to heart. I think Jennifer Hudson must agree them right now.

For those who remember, American Idol Season Three. She was seventh from the top when she got booted off in what was labelled a racist vote. Jennifer could sing better than most of the remaining contestants but she got the ax anyway. I was watching and was in tears at seeing her getting the vote so soon especially before 'several' others. Anyway that year, Fantasia Barrino went on to win.

But today, the Lord has done wonders for Jennifer. She has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the film, Dreamgirls. In the film she plays Effie White, the lead singer of a girl group who gets dumped in the end. I haven't seen the film, but I'm looking forward to see it when it is released. I have read rave reviews and major praise for Jennifer Hudson, which is great considering that this is her first major movie.

Let's see what the Oscars and other awards have in store for her. And hopefully this is the start of a great acting and singing career for Jennifer. Yes, the Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.


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