Monday, June 12, 2006

Making Aftershock

Me and Tim Weske after shooting our scene.

Tim played Amos Black a mean old bast*d working his farm hands to death! He even killed one guy, for not working hard enough! Sad thing is it's a true story! One of the guys joked lets get together and kill him! After we finished shooting the scene Tim was more than a gentleman and came over and apologized to each of us and gave us a hug, dirty as we were! Of course there are no grudges as we were just acting! Plus it helped knowing before hand what the script was about.

I sure am glad I wasn't living back then! Even though I was just acting, working out in that field had me imagining what the real slaves and ex-slaves endured! God made humans resilient!

The Union soldier guy is one of the actors who came from Los Angeles. I'm not sure what his name is.

Aftershock will be shown on the History Channel. I'll let you know when or you an check the website:

You can read more about the Aftershock filming at Click on 'Steve LeClaire Movie Star'. There are also more great photos.

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