Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rev. Al Sharpton Attacks Tiger Woods - Joke

This is a joke going around the web. I am deeply saddened to see Tiger Woods disgraced this way. I feel bad for his wife and kids as they have been humiliated even more. At the same time, even though this is a joke, I ask why is it that many sucessful black men have to go fo white women? And I can say vice versa, a lot of successful black women go for white men? What is behind this? Are they thinking, a white woman/man completes my success? We'll see how the Tiger Woods soap opera plays out.

Meanwhile, Tiger's mistress count is 14 and counting! LOL! But geez, Tiger needs to find a better calibre of woman to mess around with. I mean seriously the women he has had affairs with have NO SHAME at all! Are exploits with a married man really something to boast about?


The Rev. Al Sharpton held a press conference today to blast Tiger Woods for the lack of diversity among his mistresses. Sharpton claims that the lack of African-American women among Woods' harem will have a negative affect on the black community, specifically young black girls.
"Why is it that a man who calls himself black can't bring himself to cheat on his wife with a black woman?" said Sharpton, speaking to a group of supporters in Harlem .
"What does it say to young black girls everywhere when you pass them over? Shame on you, Tiger Woods. What would your daddy say?"Sharpton, who has long championed taking black women as mistresses, said that today's black athletes need to stop neglecting black women when it comes to extramarital affairs, and should follow the examples of positive black role models such as Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King, Jr., both of whom cheated on their wives with black women.
Sharpton also stressed that cheating with African-American women would help the black community financially by giving black girls the chance to sell their stories to tabloids and gossip magazines.
Added Sharpton, "I'm not asking you to not cheat on your wives, I'm just asking you to give back to your own community."

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Jim Bauer said...

Somehow this doesn't seem so farfetched. Interesting twist. :)