Monday, December 14, 2009

Canadian Diplomat Spits on Tanzanian Policeman

Having just come back from Tanzania and seeing the high standard or living that 'wazungu' expatriates live, I'm really offended at this matter. Okay, the guy has diplomatic immunity so they can't charge him. But, I am offended that whites go and live so luxuriously in the land of the black man and then have the nerve to feel superior and do degrading things to blacks. Some wazungu have forced even black women to have sex with dogs, or rape African children. I also blame black Tanzanians for worshipping wazungu! Like I said on Michuzi Blog, come to the USA and you will see poor white folks even begging in the streets. They aren't all rich and commit crimes too. Wazungu are humans not mini Gods.

It will be interesting to see what Canada does about it's spitting diplomat.


Canadian diplomat arrested in Tanzania

High commission staffer allegedly spat at police officer and TV journalist

Last Updated: Friday, December 11, 2009

Tanzanian police arrested a Canadian diplomat Wednesday on accusations he spat at a police officer and a TV journalist.

Jean Touchette, first secretary at the Canadian High Commission in the African country, was arrested by police in Dar es Salaam, the country's largest city and commercial capital, after he allegedly spat at a senior police officer during an argument over a traffic jam on the outskirts of the city, according to Tanzanian newspaper the Daily News.

Touchette is also alleged to have spat in the face of Jerry Muro, a TV journalist with the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation, when Muro went to the police station to interview and film the diplomat.

"And I asked him why was he doing it to me," Muro told CBC News. "And he said, 'I'm doing it because you are taking my pictures … and it's my privacy.' "

Muro said the diplomat insulted him, calling him "stupid" and "an idiot."

Touchette has diplomatic immunity and was not charged.

However, Touchette's case has been handed over to the country's director of criminal investigation for further action, the Daily News reported.

The Tanzanian government is reportedly considering whether to expel Touchette.

Robert Orr, Canada's high commissioner in Dar es Salaam, said members of his staff are investigating the case.

"I think we want to make sure we have all the facts before we reach conclusions about what exactly occurred and the full nature of the incident," Orr said.

"I think it's important to ensure that people understand that Canada holds its public servants and its diplomats to a very high standard of behaviour."

Foreign Affairs spokesperson Dana Cryderman said the department is aware of the situation and is gathering further information


From a Tanzanian newspaper:

Katibu muhtasi wa ubalozi wa Canada mbaroni kwa kumtemea mate trafiki

Polisi jijini Dar wamemtia mbaroni Katibu Muhtasi wa Ubalozi wa Canada, Jean Touchatte(48) kwa tuhuma za kuwatemea mate askari wa Usalama barabarani na Mwandishi wa Habari wa Shirika la Utangazaji Tanzania (TBC)

Touchatte anatuhumiwa kumshambulia askari wa usalama barabarani aliyekuwa akiongoza magari katika eneo la Banana wilaya ya Ilala.

Kaimu kamanda wa kanda hiyo, Charles Kenyela, amesema, mtumishi huyo wa ubalozi anadaiwa kufanya makosa hayo Desemba 9 saa 8.45 mchana wakati askari huyo namba E 1653, Koplo Samson akiwa kazini maeneo hayo.

Kwa mujibu wa Kenyela, wakati akiendelea kuyaruhusu magari yanayotokea Ukonga kwenda Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere, Touchatte alifika eneo hilo akiwa anaendesha gari lenye namba za usajili T 17 CD 178 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado mali ya Ubalozi wa Canada.

Amesema, mtuhumiwa huyo alikuwa anatoka Ukonga kwenda uwanja wa ndege, ghafla alipunguza mwendo, akafungua kioo cha gari lake na kumtemea mate askari huyo.

Kenyela amedai kuwa,kitendo hicho kiliwashangaza wengi walioshuhudia,na kwamba sababu ya kufanya hivyo haikufahamika, hivyo polisi wa doria walipewa taarifa ili kulifuatilia gari hilo.

“Askari wetu walianza kufuatilia kwa nyuma gari hilo na walipofika barabara ya Nyerere karibu na Kamata gari hilo lilikamatwa na kupelekwa moja kwa moja hadi makao makuu ya polisi Trafic Kanda Maalum ya Dar es Salaam na kuwekwa chini ya ulinzi” amesema.

Kwa mujibu wa Kenyela, wakati mtuhumiwa anaendelea kuhojiwa,waandishi wa habari akiwemo Jerry Muro(29) wa TBC walifika kituoni hapo, wakitaka kufahamu nini kilichotokea ndipo mtuhumiwa huyo akamtemea mate sehemu ya chini ya kidevu chake na kusambaa katika flana aliyokuwa amevaa.

Muro alifungua jalada la shambulio CD/IR/4818/2009, na kwa mujibu wa Kenyela, mtuhumiw alipohojiwa hakuwa tayari kujibu wala kutoa maelezo yake kwa madai kwamba mpaka balozi wake awepo.

Vielelezo vya tukio hilo vimehifadhiwa polisi Kati na kwamba maelezo mengine zaidi juuu ya tukio hilo yatatolewa na Inspekta Jenerali wa Polisi.

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Anonymous said...

The allegation is carried in IPP Media’s The Guardian newspaper. IPP is a media house with a propensity for unevidenced allegations with Reginald Mengi (IPP Media’s CEO) recently accusing (without supporting evidence) various prominent businessmen in Tanzania, of acts of grand corruption. In the absence of proof, the allegations undoubtedly amounted to criminal libel vis-à-vis the Penal Code of Tanzania.

Membe stated the alleged act of the Canadian diplomat was the highest form of humiliation by a country propagating democracy, good governance and human rights. Let us examine the reality of this proclaimed ‘propagation’.

In a survey commissioned by the Kenyan Division of Transparency International (July 2009) the Tanzanian police were ranked the second most corrupt institution in East Africa with a 62.2%. Justice is bought and paid for in Tanzania. Public prosecutors openly tout their services to defendants able to afford a ‘not guilty’ judgement on the day of trial and the penal code is mostly ignored and seldom understood by the police. The police, particularly in the lower ranks know or care nothing of the penal code or the required procedures for arrest. Human rights are brutally denied on a daily basis resulting in people in prison for years for crimes they did not commit or know nothing about.

Whilst the conduct of the Canadian diplomat, if true, is utterly reprehensible lets get real!!

What has Membe or any other members of the Tanzanian government had to say about the Silverdale Farm case where British investor Stewart Middelton was thrown into prison by the Moshi police as a result of allegations made by Benjamin Mengi (Reginald Mengi's brother). The charges did not exist under the penal code of Tanzania and no apology was ever made. The police and the courts continued to hound him ceaslessley with abuse, condoning violence in an attempt by Benjamin Mengi to drive the investor from the country.

Where is your committment to good governance and human rights in this case Mr. Membe?