Friday, March 31, 2006

Why do they Hate 'Phat Girlz' and Mo'nique?

I have a pass to see an Advance Screening of PHAT GIRLZ in Boston on Thursday, April 6th. I am so thrilled and I can’t wait to see it. The trailer looks interesting. A Nigerian guy tells Jazmin Biltmore (Mo’Nique) that she is beautiful and in Africa on a scale of 1-10 she is a 20. Well I’ve lived in Africa and that’s true to some extent. Thinness is a sign of misery and unhappiness.

I’ve been researching the film on the net and read some message boards. is one of them. Wow, there is so much hate spewed towards Mo’nique and big people it’s incredible. Sometimes I can’t believe what I’m reading is really there.

I’ve read posts that have called Mo’nique all sorts of horrible names, pig, cow, the b-word and worse. People say don't go to the movies to watch a bunch of fat people and other horrid stuff. I don’t understand what all the hate is for. Is it because Mo’nique is happy with who she is and makes a living off comedy, is a rich black woman and being herself? Only those haters know. I guess they want all big people to crawl under rocks and die or hide in shame.

Then I was shocked to read the Message Board on Fox Searchlight. It was full of Racist Comments about Black people its pathetic. You wouldn't believe that this is 2006. Don't they have moderators?

The haters are also putting down a film which they haven’t even seen. They are saying things like “Mo’nique is encouraging women to be fat”, “Nigerians really hate fat women”, “In Africa Mo’nique is ugly”, “fat people smell and all sorts or nasty things”. Then they even say that all fat people are unhealthy and have diabetes, heart disease and other problems. Black people are fat and lazy and other horrid stuff.

American society has really been poisoned and brainwashed into believing that if you are bigger than a size 4 you don’t deserve to be called human. Well I know plenty of thin health conscious people who have diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Holly Berry fits the Hollywood beauty standard and has diabetes.

Who created this abnormal standard…that a beautiful woman weighs 90 pounds and looks like a 12 year boy. This standard was created by men looking to have control over women. As a result teenagers and adults suffer from eating disorders, and mental issues trying to make themselves look like something that their genes never meant them to be. And why should anyone suffer from malnutrition in America!

Ladies, time has come to rebel against the ‘waif’, ‘sketelal beauty’ look! Thanks Mo’nique for standing up to Hollywood. And thanks Nngest Likke for giving us what promises to be an eyeopening, entertaining film. I know that Mo'nique and the producers will be laughing all the way to the bank.

And to everyone, I have to say one thing. It would be an extremely boring world if everyone were the same shape and size.

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Terrence said...

Great post. If half of those people had the heart of Mo'Nique and other plus size people, they'd be using their time more wisely.

People are ignorant. I can't even begin to imagine what kinds of problems or issues they have in their own lives. How quick they forget, huh?

Wouldn't it be nice to control what people thought, said, and wrote?

Unfortunately, we can't. But we can strive to be confident, healthy, happy, and love people even when it is hard for them to love us.

Ultimately, love of self and life eradicates EVERYTHING that negative, antagonistic, hateful people try to fill your spirit with.

Generally speaking, people should always know that they are children of God.