Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mo'Niques Fat Chance 2

Mo'Nique is back this year with Mo'Niques Fat Chance Part 2. That's the sequel to the successful Beauty Pageant for Plus size women held on the Oxygen Channel last year.

I loved the show watched it over and over. My favorite contestant was Sharon, the oldest contestant. She lost to Joanna Borghella who is also a beautiful Plus size woman.

For those interested in auditioning check out:

Isn't it interesting that if you are over a size 10, you are considered PLUS SIZE! I have seen too many grumpy, cantankerous, starving women trying to stay thin in the name of being acceptable to society. These ladies have big heads and their skin hangs off them. YUK! Skeletal Beauty can't be that healthy because I see a lot of those same skinny thangs suffering heart problems, diabetes and worse malnutrition! Yeah Bulimia and anorexia cause malnutrition. Then we're told we have to be like them in order to get be normal! Skeletal isn't normal.

What gets me is that if I looks at films from the 1930's, 40's, 50' and even sixties you see what now called full size women looking quite happy and being oogled over. they have curves and looked like women. Nowadays they want women to have no hips, and be shaped like a man!

Women's Lib needs to address these issues.

I thank Mo'Nique for being herself and showing that Larger women can be beautiful too. Last year's pageant inspired many and this years will inspire even more.

Once again if you want to attenda an OPEN CASTING CALL visit:

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