Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back Bay Beggar Vs. MBTA Bus

Around 2:30pm this afternoon, I was shocked to see a beggar I'm used to seeing in a wheelchair, standing up and using his wheelchair to block an MBTA bus from going anywhere.

This happened on Dartmouth St. in the Copley area right in front of the Back Bay T station. The beggar was angry at the driver of the bus plying Route 10. The driver wouldn't let him on with his wheelchair because the attached pole was too high.

First, I didn't know that that beggar was capable of walking. It was the first time I'd seen him standing and walking. Anyway, some ladies came along and pleaded with the man to let the bus go in its way. They told him that he was committing a crime and also hurting other people who might be late for work, medical appointments and other business because of his selfish actions. The beggar eventually removed his chair.

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