Monday, May 03, 2010

President Obama at Dorothy Height's Funeral

Received via e-mail:

Late Civil Rights Leader Dorothy Height

29th April 2010
Tears streaming down his cheeks, grief overcame Barack Obama today as he attended the funeral of the woman he called the 'Godmother' of the American civil rights movement.
The U.S. president was weeping openly as he watched the service for Dorothy Height in Washington today.
He delivered the eulogy for Dr Height, whose activism stretched from the New Deal right up until Mr Obama's election as the first African American president of the United States.

Dr Height died last week at 98 after a long illness. She was a pioneering voice of the civil rights movement who remained active and outspoken well into her 90s.
She often received rousing ovations at events around Washington, where she was easily recognizable in the bright, colourful hats she almost always wore.
Dr Height led the National Council of Negro Women for decades and marched with the Rev Martin Luther King Jr.
She was honoured by Mr Obama during the service at Washington National Cathedral for her leadership on the front lines fighting for equality, education and to ease racial tension.

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