Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Remember Idi Amin Dada, former Dictator of Uganda

I was a high school student in Tanzania, when Idi Amin terrorized Uganda and East Africa. I remember the day when our President, Julius Nyerere declared war on Uganda after Amin invaded Bukoba and declared it part of Uganda. This was the Kagera War which ended Amin's rule.

What you are about to read is REAL! Its not meant to serve as a ridicule. Below is an extract of one of dictator Iddi Amin's infamous speeches he used to deliver during the national celebrations. This particular speech was delivered in the U.K at the Conference of the U.N General Assembly.
Ladies and women, my beloved husbands and men in this assembly, I am thank you very difficult for you hand to forgive me this hour to stalk of you Africa and my country which is Uganda. As I am a field marshall Dr. Or Haj Amin the Life President of my country, I am apologised because I have not deaded Archbishop Haemeni Kuvum. When many people tell me so many questions about him. His death on my behalf has happened with accident which was in the car when he yalked with it. So I am not a mistake you see.
Another words if or the order in my country in Uganda. The pressnewsmen which you can look them there will wanted to know the law orders of my country. They have inquiring me many questions in because my policemen don't catch people in court while they lost them on the way. No this is not right, yet all them who are catched by my policement are removed for court. When the court does not find them good enough and tie them all with mistakes begining from one month through to ten years with even above.
So we attempt people in the court before we tie them to prisons and those you understand about they dead are with if they travel dead themselves. Man invent their death. Uganda is peace loving brother country when people enjoy as if they are in another country. That is true about the country.
Dr. Kurt Waldeheim, you are beautiful in one of these husbands. I think you are this beauty to look what is going on in South Africa with Rhodesia, I am sending two hours to whites as if they can choose freedom to Africa, brothers or you will not blame me as I take wondering action to blow them. Israel is another enemy, they deaded sleeping soldiers of Uganda when they find them at night in Intebbe.
I walked one morning and I invented bodies of my soldiers sleeping in the airport and Israel had deaded people there. They must see or because I pay them of this bad news. Last of that I am thank your lunch which smelled good I am again fed up with it and have admitted revenge when both of you are invited by Uganda.
Thank you very hard and we shall collide everywhere in internal matter like assembly.
Thank you very hard. --
Field Marshall Dr. V.C. DSO M.C. Amin, Conquerer of the British Empire
The pressmen, when asked by the Queen as to what President Amin has said, replied: "Your Majesty, That was President Amin of Uganda speaking a language similar to English."

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