Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rest in Peace Jim Mitchell (WBZ News Radio Anchor)

WBZ News Radio Weekend Anchors from left to right, Jim Mitchell, Bill Watson and Walt Perkins

You know its strange. Last week Saturday, I was talking to Jim Mitchell and when my shift ended I told him that I'd see him again this week today. That wouldn't be the case as Jim died of a heart attack on Wednesday. He was 58.

I worked with Jim Mitchell for the past 8 years at WBZ News Radio in Boston, where I work part time as a news writer mostly on Saturday's. I often wrote for Jim. If there was a problem he was always polite about it and keen to educate.

He loved his bookstore in Warner, New Hampshire. He even offered to order a book for me that I was looking of charge. Sometimes he'd bring in treats for the newsroom like cookies, cakes and pies which would be devoured quickly. He passed away in his beloved Bookstore.

We loved hearing him interview foreign correspondents. He was a pro at it, and even pronounced their names right.

I will miss Jim. I'm in the Newsroom now, it just doesn't feel the same.


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Anonymous said...

Jim and my paths crossed many times since the early 1980's. Always the finest gentleman you would want to meet. His passing is a great loss.

Bob Collins said...

I worked with Jim at WHDH in the '80s. I used to joke that his radio career was a "cover" for his CIA career. He made you feel like the most important person in the world, and a more self deprecating person I've never met. What a great laugh. What a great time. What a great guy.

Suzanne Roantree said...

I have never posted a thing. found out about Jim's death last night---shame one me as a news peron --- it was at my son's HS graduation, I was so taken aback, I needed a moment. Jim started at WLNH, then to Baltimore I believe, the to WSB in Atlanta, to Boston and finally WBZ. When I started with Jim at WBZ in 1999, we made a connection, as I followed his path(not knowingly). I sat behind him, so we heard each others interviews/conversations. I think we could say "laugh" as he caught me in a couple of "rookie"" Boston contact interviews. He was wonderful with my three young children when they came to visit. We also went to Warner to see his amazing space. A wonderful man...

I'm stunned and so saddened. Love your family,friends, and colleagues. Appreciate laughter....Jim was infectious.