Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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US Govt eases travel conditions for Tanzanian


By Lydia Shekighenda

The American Embassy in Dar es Salaam has announced the softening of conditions for Tanzanians seeking to travel to the United States. Robert Hannan, the embassy`s First Secretary and Consul, said yesterday they would now be issuing entry visas to any and all prospective travellers establishing their eligibility.

In remarks at roundtable talks with journalists, he said the embassy would provide prompt and responsive service by reducing the waiting time for visa interviews, online scheduling and application for longer visas in a bid to reduce bureaucracy.

`Our country encourages legitimate visitors and students. We are doing everything possible to help applicants fulfil their mission,`` explained the consul, adding that they were out to cut the time for waiting for interviews to two days.

Elaborating on the new arrangement, Hannan said visa applicants would be able to schedule their appointments with the embassy directly on-line. He said Tanzania had reached an agreement with the US on the extension of visa validities from three months to one year.

``Frequent travellers need to apply for new visas less often?More Tanzanians are travelling to America each year; we expect to issue over 5,000 visas this year. This is great news for both countries,`` he noted further. Hannan said the most popular

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