Thursday, September 06, 2007

Photo from MichuziJr. Blog
Above is a photo of tourists admiring a baboon eating popcorn in Ngorongoro National park in Tanzania, East Africa.
The tourists look amazed but for us who grew up in Tanzania seeing monkeys was a normal thing. In fact they moved in packs and were a nusiance. A few times my kitchen was invaded by monkeys looking for food.
Well, I used to head down the road everyday to catch a bus to work. There was a pack of monkey baboons that used to hang out in trees and make a lot of noise. Their leader was a huge baboon with a big blue butt. So my dog Savimbi, used to escort me down the road and would bark at those noisy monkeys to try and scare them away. Most of the time it worked but blue butt would bark back at him from the tree. I guess blue butt finally got annoyed with Savimbi. Savimbi was under the tree barking at blue butt and blue butt jumped down on Savimbi and rode him a bit like a cowboy riding a horse, all the time Savimbi was crying in fear. Well Savimbi never bothered those monkeys again.

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