Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Will Massachusetts have its First Black Governor?

Today is Election Day. Usually I try to avoid talking about politics, but today I will do so. The reason being that I have seen one of the nastiest campaigns ever in this state for the Governors races.

This race will be historic no matter who wins. Kerry Healey (46), a white woman is running on the Republican ticket, while Deval Patrick (50), a black man, is running on the Democratic ticket. If Healey wins, she will be the first female Governor for the state and if Patrick wins, he will be the first black Governor. There are two other candidates, Christy Mihos, and Independent and Grace Ross of the Green Party.

Let me say that while I would love to see a woman Governor, the nastiness of this woman's campaign turned me and many other off her. In the push to garner votes she came off looking like an evil, snobby, rich bytch, concerned only with the little circle of people around her.

Healey is a Republican. For the past few years she has been the Lt. Governor for Massachsetts under Mitt Romney. Romney is a trip as he only ran for Governor of Massachusetts so that he could run for President. Let the entire USA know, Romney is a photo-op guy who cares nothing for Massachusetts and spend little time him during he tenure as Governor. Let me lay off Romney and concentrate on Healey.

Healey was Romney's shadow and in fact he rarely let her speak. It's a miracle that the Repblican's even let her run for Goveror. I am sure that all her campaign ads were approved by the state Republican committee before airing. First, they tried to 'Willie Hortonize' Patrick because he defended a rapist. Patrick worked as a prosecutor and a defender and we all know how that goes. So kudos to him for doing his job. How many times have we seen attorneys defending shady characters. That's the beauty of the American justice system. Justice for all.

Then Healey's team dispatched campaign workers dressed in Orange prison uniforms to the homes of Patrick and his running mate Tim Murray to protest. Well, this stunt backfired big time. Tim Murray's 12 year son was home alone getting ready to go to school when the orange clad group showed up and terrorized the boy. After that both Patrick and Murray had police assigned to their homes.

Next Healey's team aired over and over again and ad is which some woman heads to her car in a garage and gets raped or is about to get raped or something, while the narrator says something about Patrick allowing it and he should be ashamed. I had to switch off my TV. It was disgusting. Grace Ross said of the commerical during a debate, " That ad makes rape victims feel like they are being raped again!"

Then Healey's campaign went to media with something about Deval Patrick's sister being raped by her husband! The husband served time over it and in fact the two have been happily married for over 15 years and they are counselors and their children knew nothing about it until Kerry Healey's campaign exposed it! Hey Healey, what did that have to do with the campaign, that was just vile!

Now, many times a day we see a buff white guy jogging in some suburb, thinking to himself about Deval Patrick. In my opinion the only thing he didn't put into words was that he did not want to be governed by a black man!

And where was Deval Patrick during all this negative campaigning...well believe it or not, he stayed positive and focused on what he would do as Governor. He refused to go negative on Healey. He proved himself to be Gentleman. He could have had a field days with Healey's views that the elderly are overhoused.

Even in the debates Patrick showed his decency, though he did throw some jabs at Healey like, "Why don't you come down off your high horse, and I'll show you around so you can see how it works." This was after she attacked him over his work in the justice system.

Deval Patrick ran a grassroots campaign and reached out to everyone. Let me just say that I never even saw Kerry Healey in my neighborhood, or any of her people. And the barbebcues held by 'ordinary citizens' that she was seen attending were in posh suburbs. So obviously she doesn't stand for the common man. At one of the debates Patrick said that Healey should talk about the issues instead of trying to scare people into voting for her.

Let's see what the turn out will be. I hope that Deval Patrick wins. If he does, let it be a lesson to those who use negative campaigning tactics. People are not stupid.

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