Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In the Holding area with actors (Megan left and Suzy H right) Look for Suzy H in the films Glory and To Gillian on her 37th Birthday.
My First Commercial

There's always a first for everything. Well, earlier this month I did work in my first commercial. I was hired as a background performer for a TD Banknorth commercial. Hey you have to start somewhere. I'm pretty confident that one day I will be a principal performer. The strange thing was that I almost did not apply for the commercial. I mean I had been turned down so many times before, I said why would this be different. Boston Casting had sent out an e-mail seeking different types of performers. I ignored it, then I happened to look at it again the deadline to apply was 6:00pm that same day. I said what the heck! At 7:00pm I got a call that I got it!. I was jumping for joy! You'd think I hit the lottery.

Anyway in the commerical, I am a nurse. Here I am in my costume...brand new scrubs and light purple clogs! Too bad I didn't get a full photo taken. There were about six other background perfomers some dressed as Doctors and orderlies and patients. The lead actress was flown in from the Big Apple, New York City.

In brief they shot the scene at Symmes Hosptal in Arlington, Massachusetts. This is an abandoned hospital which I heard will be trond down soon to make way for luxury condos. So there was no electricity or running water. They brought in generators and trailers. Bathrooms were on the trailers, not bad. It was a cold day, but we were allowed to stay warm in one of the trailers. They spared no expense on this shoot, it was like a Hollywood film set. What an experience.

Hopefully, I won't get cut out of the final product and get to see myself walking around in the background! And hopefully I'll get more chances to be in commericals and films.

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good luck Chemi!